West Milford Farmer's Market

Market News

New Seafood Vendor!

Our tenth anniversary celebrations were a huge success! Thank you to everyone who supported our opening day vendors and we hope you enjoyed the free cake from Vreeland!

This week, we have a couple spots for you to check out! Carrie from WM Confection Connections is bringing her classic flavors but she's got a new dessert for you to try too! She incorporates ingredients from all of our vendors; olives for her olive loaf from Pickle Licious, maple syrup from Our Woods Maple, and berries from our farmers when they're in season. The Mixed Berry Fruit Bar is a new item on the menu. They are sweet from the cookie-like-cake on the bottom and tart from the berry jam in the center and its all topped off with the best crumble you've ever tasted. Must. Try. 

Across the way, John from Top of the Mountain Honey has Locust Honey. If you want to try some (you do) get there early, because he sells out quickly!

New this week, a seafood vendor, Hudson Valley Seafood. If our Market Manager, Triscia, says the scallops are good, you better believe it. They've got the freshest stuff around and all moderately priced. If you don't have dinner plans, here's your solution! Pick up a filet of your favorite fish, make a sweet, sticky honey glaze with some locust honey from Top of the Mountain, and stop by Laura at Peace and Carrots for all the greens you need to make a crisp salad. Hello, Wednesday night dinner! (We'll take the leftovers)

Tony Penn will be the musician at the market from 4-6pm June 13, 2018. Tony incorporates personal stories into his lyrics and he sings about heartache, love and loss, with a melodic voice and careful guitar skills. "Tony brings you in, pulls you close and takes you down the road. But it's his road. With a few detours, some potholes and plenty of tequila." Contact Tony Penn Here, Quote by Glenn John Arnowitz