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What's At The Market June 12 2019

Here’s the list of vendors for 6/12:

  • Empanada Lady: Hot out of the fryer, handmade empanadas; meat, veggie, and dessert fillings!

  • Pickle Liscious: Pickled Goodness. Everything from pickles to peppers, garlic, and olives, tapenades and relishes, too!

  • Ideal Farms: Local produce from Lafayette, NJ including veggies and herbs, and local cheese and milk.

  • Top of the Mountain Honey: Raw & infused honey and honey beeswax, honeycomb, bee & lip balm, honey soap & face masks, and eggs!

  • Pie Eyed Bar Pies: Bar Pies to reheat at home, also homemade sauces, calzones, and mozzarella!

  • Estrog: Textiles including tablecloths, napkins, aprons, potholders and baskets and coasters.

  • Hope Cress Farms: Micro greens, produce, meats including frozen beef, chicken & pork.

  • George's Wine and Spirits: NJ wines (woo!), baked bread, quiches, and pies!

  • Our Woods Maple: Maple syrup, maple lemonade, maple dog treats,

  • RH Farm: Perennial and annual flowers and hanging baskets, fresh produce from tomatoes to fresh herbs, and fruits including peaches and blueberries.

  • Artisan Tasty Bites: Cocktail size aranchini balls, croquettes, cassava sticks, tamales, and weekly chef specials!

  • Bello Tesoro: Fresh cut flowers from our neighbors in Hackettstown, NJ.

  • CS Expressions : photographs that are a "diary of moments in time, written through the lens."

  • Jael's Natural Soaps: wide range of soaps made from genuine, honest ingredients.