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Happy September

This is our second week accepting Ample Harvest Donations! Volunteers will bring all donations to a local food pantry later this week! Last week, the ladies at Strengthen Our Sisters were so grateful for the fresh squash, cucumbers, peaches, and pears that were donated to Ample Harvest.

Ina at Bagtivist will be back this week and so is Greg from Hope Cress Farms! Get your meats, fresh veggies, and vibrant micro-greens this week! Ideal and RH Farms have a surprise in store for our customers.. its Apple Season! It's time to get excited about apple pie and warm apple cider! We're definitely stocking up this week! Maple syrup pairs perfectly with apple cinnamon pancakes, and maple lemonade is great at any time during the day!

We're going to miss Woodside Blue Preserves and Jersey Girl Cheese at our market, but its back to school time for teachers too! If you're craving some homemade jam or farm fresh cheese, visit our website for all the info on where to get products from all of our vendors when they're not at the market!