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Ample Harvest Thanks You

Our season ends for West Milford Ample Harvest 2017

The season began with all the fluffy leafy greens (chard, lettuce, kale) and progressed to the boom of green beans, peppers, tomatoes and even fresh corn. Our offerings were supplemented by the West Milford Farmer's Market with eggs, cucumber and more leafy greens--thank you to all who contributed.

As we close the season, our spotlight deserves attention to the volunteers who make Ample Harvest AMPLE.      

  • Anne continues her generous gift of sharing the land

  • Madeline, Rev Janet, Helena and Roberta organize our local food pantries, providing the critical need of food to our community

  • Russ keeps our garden activities well organized

  • Triscia coordinates our West Milford Farmer's Market collections each week

  • John, Norma, Cheryl, Dave, Wendy, Janelle, Gary G continue as the anchors for the weekly Ample Harvest team

  • Wendy and Dave keep Sustainable West Milford a thriving organization making a positive difference in our community

  • Finally, and not least, the gardeners at Apple Acres and the vendors at the West Milford Farmer's Market share their bounty of fresh produce.

THANK YOU to all!

Cathy Bruce

West Milford Ample Harvest Coordinator