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Vendor Spotlight: Corbett's Cookie Bar Kitch

Why not do what you love? 

When you love what you do, it shows in the outcome. 

Corbett's Cookie Bar Kitchen was born when Cheryl Corbett decided that the corporate world made her unhappy, while baking and helping others made her very happy! That's when she said goodbye to a life of pushing numbers as a CPA, and made way to her kitchen where she perfected the recipes she henad been working on for years. We urge you to try the bars that Cheryl and her staff so lovingly make in their kitchen. Try them and they will make you happy too. Like Cheryl, just go for it!


Corbett's Cookie Bar Kitchen offers the following delectable bars:

Cookie Bars

The multiple layers of Corbett's cookie bars multiply the goodness. Crunchy crusts, fruit fillings and unique toppings create out of this word flavor combinations such as Apricot Date Square, Magic Bar, Lemon Macadamia Bar, and Chocolate glazed peanut butter bar. Exponentially delicious!

Brownies and Blondies

These bars are moist, chewy and full of surprises. A hint of cayenne in the "Mexican brownie," a trace of coffee in the "Fully Loaded," or the white chocolate mania of the "Blondie Bar" will tempt anyone's taste buds. Don't forget the flavored whipped crème!

Granola Bars

Outdoor fuel when you're on the trail or an eye opening breakfast treat, the natural ingredients in all of Corbett's granola bars are a tasty and satisfying boost of energy any time of day.


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