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Vendor Spotlight: Empanada Lady

When in 2009, the corporate world decided to let Cyndi go after a long, fifteen-year relationship, she sent herself to culinary school to start a new career path, not knowing where it would lead.

While attending school Cyndi started making empanadas for the local merchants and for friends and family. Landing an account with a hip, local bar gave her a taste of what it would be like to own her own business, but she wanted to work for herself. She came across an ad about becoming your own boss in the farmers market industry and thought she would take advantage of local markets' growing popularity, and go for it. She learned so much from the experience that by 2013 The Empanada Lady became a household name in the Farmers Market world, thanks to all of their customers.

Today, The Empanada Lady sells dozens of varieties of empanadas, such as sirloin steak and cheese empanada, beef & potato, chicken & potato, buffalo chicken with gorgonzola, and vegetarian options such as guava & cream cheese, spinach & feta, and sweet plantain, kale & queso fresco to name a few. She also has dessert options such as strawberry or banana Nutella, and seasonal choices like apple pie or Jersey peach cobbler with coconut. She also makes gluten-free empanadas, and a fresh Cuban sandwich, which freezes well.

This is just the beginning for us but so far the journey has been amazing and we can't wait to see what the future has in store. Please continue to follow us and continue to allow us to be part of your home and part of your tradition.


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