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Music at the Market: Jack Romano

The Last of the Singing Cowboys

Please join us in welcoming Jack Romano to Market this Wednesday, September 27th from 4-6pm.

As a kid, Jack’s dream was to be a Singing Cowboy, like the ones from Western movies. For his 10th birthday, he was given a guitar. Since then he’s been playing and singing to the greats of one of America's most original genres of music: Country-Western.

Jack has been inspired by cowboy artists ranging from the 1930s to the 1970s. A three-hour show will take you from the Blue Yodels of Jimmie Rodgers, through the trail songs of Gene Autry, to the heart-filled twang of Hank Williams, the lonesome train calls of Johnny Cash, and the outlaw anthems of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

He also picked up the piano along the way and has an acting background. Putting it all together makes him a dynamic storyteller during live events. Jack keeps the Country-Western lore alive with old songs that you thought had been forgotten with the age of Vinyl.


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Instagram: @1romano.jack

Facebook: @JackRomanoEntertainer