West Milford Farmer's Market

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What's at Market 10/11/17

Please note that due to the shorter days and lack of lighting in the church parking lot, Market will close at 6 p.m. through the end of the season. 

Keep reading to discover more of what you can expect at Market this week.

Part Time vendors:

Cindy Lou Designs will have an array of fall items-- from Halloween towels and pillows to denim jackets for the cooler weather.

Sue's House of Fudge creates innovative fudge flavors like butter pecan, cotton candy, and their beautiful maple walnut fudge. They carry classic fudge flavors as well. 


Whats new this week:

Peace & Carrots --their farm is now Certified Naturally Grown!  This week they have braided garlic and lots of greens--lettuce, spinach, chard, kale and also brussels sprouts.

Ideal Farms has squash! Winter squash, acorn, spaghetti, butternut... they also have zucchini left, some corn and a variety of tomatoes. Don't forget seasonal favorites like apples, broccoli and peppers, too.

Corbett Cookie Bar Kitchen has a variety of homemade flavors baked into deliciously delectable cookie bars.

Snoep Winkel Farms in addition to their well-raised and meats and eggs, their chicken sale is still going strong!  When you visit their booth, don't forget to sign up for their winter email so you can connected. 

West Milford Confection Connection Carrie Longacre has a variety of gluten-free, vegan and nut-free treats in addition to her traditional selections. This week we welcome the return of Xavier and Aiden helping their mom serve up a variety of pumpkin flavored confections. 

MP Knives can sharpen all of your knives and more. Get your blades sharpened for $1/inch--lawn tools, knives, scissors--get it done before winter sets in.

Top Of The Mountain Honey carries a variety of local honey in a variety of flavors. Try their pumpkin spice honey and locust honey. Locust honey is amazing... smooth and not too heavy with sweet undertones, but also a crisp, floral flavor.  

Pickle Licious has a variety of ways to enjoy pickles, garlic and olives.  

 Empanada Lady From sweet to savory, the Empanada Lady has the best, most authentic empanadas around. This week try a mushroom cilantro rice and mozzarella empanada.

Pie Eyed Bar Pies In addition to their fresh mozzarella and burrata cheese, they have a variety of rolls--veggie, chicken, sausage, pepperoni, meatball rolls--plus lots  and lots of bar pies.


Please welcome Tony Christopher to the music tent from 4-6pm.