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Vendor Spotlight: Ol' Darlin' Soaps and Salves

Ol' Darlin Handcrafted Soaps and Salves are Handmade in the Ramapo Mountains, in and around Sloatsburg, New York. These artisanal soaps and salves are served fresh in small batches with love.

Ol' Darlin's mission is to create high quality, all natural soaps and salves using mostly certified organic food grade carrier oils/butters, essential oils, and botanicals.  Ingredients are derived from reputable distributors and some ingredients are locally sourced.

Founder, Kathy Goldman, a.k.a. "Ol' Darlin'," as her husband calls her, takes inspiration for her soaps and natural body care products from the natural surroundings of the Ramapo Mountains.  For example, the mountain mint grown in the curator's herb garden at the historic Harmony Hall-Jacob Sloat House is used in her Tea Tree Oil soap bar and Mountain Mint Salve. Folk medicines, mugwort, plantain, and wild violet, are considered "weeds" to many, but are used in her soothing and healing salves.

Kathy's interest in making natural body care products started in 2011 after purchasing similar products from other hand crafters at farmers markets. "There was a noticeable difference in the way my skin felt as well as the therapeutic benefits derived from real essential oils and botanicals used in these handmade products," she said. Her first soap was a success, and she has since honed her craft and have created many different soaps, lip balms and body salves.

Ol' Darlin' soaps are handmade using the cold process method that retains natural glycerin. These moisturizing soaps have a long-lasting lather and leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy. They are made with organic and natural food grade unrefined oils and butters, therapeutic grade essential oils, herbs, botanicals, and clays. Nothing synthetic or artificial, non-GMO, and no detergents go into these soaps. Ol' Darlin' milk soaps are made with locally sourced fresh raw cow and goat's milk. The Milk 'n Honey soap is made with locally sourced honey and unrefined beeswax. Kathy makes soap in small batches (5 & 10 lbs.). Food grade lye (sodium hydroxide) is used to convert the oils into soap, however no trace of lye is present after the soap is done curing. Cure time minimum is four weeks. Weight will vary as the soap bar cures and ages (roughly 5-6 oz. at cutting time) Bars are hand cut for a more naturally rustic, country look.

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