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Music at the Market: Tony Penn

Write up by Glenn John Arnowitz

Please join us in welcoming Tony Penn to Market from 4-6pm this week.

When I first heard Tony perform a few years back, I immediately fell under his spell. The blend of his voice, guitar and delivery gave me goosebumps (in a good way). So when he asked me to produce his album (yes this is an album in its most precious form), I was in. Here is that soulful voice, worn deep and sensual, spilling stories of heartache, love, loss, sin and redemption. His stories. I wanted to preserve the visceral quality of the basic tracks and along the way we worked with a bunch of talented musicians who respected the songs, adding texture and nuance without diluting the goosebumps. Tony brings you in, pulls you close and takes you down the road. But it's his road. With a few detours, some potholes and plenty of tequila.

Glenn John Arnowitz

Big Cow Records



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