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Vendor Spotlight: Simply Planted

Decorate your life with us!

Simply Planted Greenhouses is dedicated to supplying local garden centers and farmers markets with high quality, insecticide-free plants, and fast, friendly service with 30 years of growing experience.

We maintain an insecticide-free facility by inoculating all of our plants with beneficial insects. This makes our plants more resistant to pest problems that might arise in the garden. Our containers are unique also, we grow a plurality of plants in two different style containers. These containers perform better than conventional pots or flats. Our plants allow the customer to fill any pot, hanging basket or garden in seconds, which means less plastic, less waste.

Combination Plant varieties in both our Plant Pies and shuttle planters offers colorful arrangements, with simple planting techniques for the novice to avid gardener that makes gardening easy, clean and fun.


Shuttle Planters

Fill soil into your favorite container or pot and allow room to set your shuttle planter in it.

Sun and shade combinations in 10"x 3 1/2" container where roots travel through bottom and grasp into garden or potting soil

Plant Pies

Fill pot with soil, make indentation with plant pie tray, drop in soil and water.

Sun and shade combinations in a shallow 8" or 12" containers that you can transplant directly in your garden or favorite planter.

Beneficial insects

At Simply Planted, we believe in taking an eco-friendly approach to the growing process and use beneficial insects, rather than insecticides, to combat the harmful pests that can cause damage to the plants. Our beneficial insects are already established on the plants at the time of your purchase, making them more resistant to pest problems that may arise, and allowing your garden to benefit from them as well.


Hanging plants

Indoors plants require much less watering than do their outdoor counterparts. Steady temperatures, higher humidity inside the home with lack of direct sunlight and breezes mean the plants lose less moisture. Be sure to water the soil that the plant is in, whether indoor or outdoor. Do this by moving the leaves and stems of the plant aside to access the soil directly.

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