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Vendor Spotlight: West Milford Confection Connection

Baking for all walks of life

(If you have dietary restrictions, we will bake for you, too!)


Carrie Longacre has been baking since she was twelve--a trait she inherited from her mother. Her mom baked bread every couple weeks for sandwiches and always baked birthday cakes and holiday pies. Carrie started by baking cookies when she was young, and moved into cakes and pies as she grew older.

She never thought that baking could be such a large part of her life until she saw a program where a man made a caramel basket. Carie thought, “That is what I want to do with my life.” So, she attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia for their Baking and Pastry program, graduated in 2010, and opened a nut free bakery where she lived at the time in South Jersey.

While in South Jersey she had attended a farmers market there, and since she had enjoyed it so much, she decided to join the West Milford Market this year along with her sons, Aidan and Xzavier.

“I stated it partially to do something meaningful with them that we could all be proud of,” Carrie said.

The West Milford Confection Connection carries a variety of cookies and quick breads. Each week they offer two vegan, three gluten-free, and around ten "gluten-full" items. Carry is also trying to incorporate one or two sugar-free items, as well.

Customers love her Banana Bread. Carrie’s personal favorite, however, are the espresso cookies (“but I love coffee!” she said).  Her eleven and 13 year old sons are partial to their snickerdoodle bars.

Carrie says:

“I think what makes us different is our willingness to make confections without ingredients, ie our gluten-free and vegan selections.  My 11 year old had many allergies when he was younger, so I understand how hard it can be to find something without certain ingredients.  Also, each week we try to include the other vendors in our products. We buy our fruits for our breads from the market Farmers. I put bacon chocolate chip cookies on the menu to include Snoep Winkle farm. Our maple cookies use Our Woods Maple’s syrup. Eventually we plan to make olive bread to work in Pickle Licious. We just love to be able to support the market.”


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The boys helped create the menu, Xzavier is sous chef, and Aidan is in charge of setting up the table at Market each week.