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WMFM 2019 Vendors


"Quality First" has been our anchor farm’s trademark for generations and it's still the standard they set for all their products. Ideal has prize winning fresh produce, notably its corn, but come see all the tastiest fruits and veggies in New Jersey at their booth! Ideal also offers fresh cut flowers, breads, local dairy products and cute little gourds during the autumn months. Visit their farm in Layfette, NJ and learn about the history for the family run farm on their website. For your family table, you'll find only the best at Ideal Farm and Garden.


At Top of the Mountain Honey Bee Farm, our passion for beekeeping provides you with the highest quality raw honey at a most affordable price. The secret recipe for infusing the honey with savory flavors is the reason we keep stopping at their booth. Signature flavors like locust, buckwheat, and even blueberry are delectable and available in multiple different sizes. Honey doesn’t stop with honey, Top of the Mountain also has soaps, pollen, and bee balm for sale. Anything you could imagine with honey, Top of the Mountain offers; “From their comb to your home.”


pickle licious

Pickle Licious specializes in pickles of course and they’re sold by the gallon, quart, pint, or pickle-on-a-stick, or even just the juice. There are so many more options under the Pickle Licious tent! Multiple styles of olives, an array of peppers and just about anything else that can be pickled or marinated. There are so many different products, you could try something new every week and you’d only be halfway through the selection. Look for the homemade tapenade, stuffed grape leaves, and marinated artichokes at the Pickle Licious booth and let us know what you think! We know you’ll love them!


empanada Lady

Your favorite empanadas are back! The Empanada Lady is bringing all of her classic handmade empanadas, from sweet to savory, the authentic freshly made treats never disappoint. For the meat lovers, the Empanada Lady offers barbecue pulled pork, buffalo chicken and Mexican chorizo and spinach and feta and kale and sweet potato for the vegetarians out there. Our local empanada queen also offers dessert treats including fan favorites like apple pie and peach cobbler empanadas. Try them all hot off the truck or take some home to save for later. Find her on Facebook for all things empanadas.


our woods maple

The sugarmakers from New York are back this year bringing you the sweetest, fullest, local maple syrup and maple products. They’ve been tapping trees and producing 100% pure maple syrup from the foothills of the Adirondacks since 2013. Pure Goodness. Sweet Taste. Their maple syrup is used in the “OG Maple Lemonade,” a must-try, as well as maple sugars, dog treats, and even maple cream. Check out their website and social media for all your maple updates.


pie eyed bar pies

The best pizzas to reheat in all of West Milford will be available again this year at the Pie Eyed Bar Pies tent at the WMFM for your urgent dinner needs! Pizza isn’t their only specialty, they also offer Italian rolls filled with scrumptious fillings including chicken, sausage and pepperoni. Everything on their menu is made with homemade sauces and mozzarella cheese! An assortment of sauces and mozzarella is available for sale almost every week, but they sell quickly! Check out their website for their full menu to place special orders and make sure to stop by the tent this year!

essential oils.jpg

young living

Susan Vanover is back this year representing Young Living Essential Oils. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts with different aromatic and healing properties. Young Living sources plants from certified farms around the world to bring the purest form of oils to its customers. Young living also offers products infused with essential oils such as cleaning supplies, makeup, and supplements. The aroma will draw you into Susan's booth this year at the WMFM.


hope cress farms

Hope Cress Farms is bringing back the bacon. Yes, we have the meats this year! That's farm fresh from Blairstown, Hope Cress mixes their own feed so they know exactly what's in each animals' diet and what's not in their diet, like steroids or growth hormones. From chicken, beef, and pork, to 35 different varieties of micro greens, Hope Cress has something for everyone. The also bring farm fresh eggs and hydroponically grown summer produce. We're excited to have them at the market this year!


rh farms

RH Farms is located in Hackettstown, NJ, only an hour away from the WMFM. Their family run farm is bringing naturally grown fresh fruits and veggies to our market this year. Everything from eggplants to strawberries and tomatoes, of course, to zucchini’s will be available throughout the season. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags this year, you’ll definitely need them while visiting this booth!



Every Single Transaction Recaps Overall Good: Estrog. Yvette Davidson is bringing products made by women from around the world to support fair trade for women. Yvette sources products like baby bibs, aprons, baskets, and bags from global artisans. Global Mamas has created hundreds of jobs in Ghana and is committed to paying all the mamas they employ a steady living wage. Lucia's Imports from Guatemala and Windhorse from Nepal are two more partners that share Yvette's message of empowering women trough fair trade. Visit her booth this year to support her mission!


CS Expressions

Local photographer Chris will have a new booth at the market, although you might not see him hiding behind his camera! Chris creates ‘a diary of moments in time, written through the lens.’ His website and Facebook page showcase his ability to capture more than the picture, but the entire moment. From landscapes to special events, Chris does it all including personal and family photo-shoots, plus prints! Strike a pose at his booth this year!


woodside blue preserves

Based out of Warwick, NY, Woodside Blue Preserves is a new vendor at our market this year! Henry is bringing a wide range of hand-made and hand-sealed jams, jellies, and marmalades. Flavors range from carrot cake jam to blueberry jam. They also offer exciting flavors like cranberry onion marmalade and cardamom vanilla peach jam. They’ve won multiple blue ribbon awards at the NJ State Fair in the canning competition, and in recent years have been welcomed back to the fair as honored judges! So their jams have to be good. They’ll be at the market starting June 28!


Jael is new to the West Milford Farmer’s Market and she’s bringing homemade natural soaps! Jael built her business to educate people about their skin care routines: “The general rule of thumb is when you can’t pronounce the ingredients, it’s probably synthetic.” Jael uses honest ingredients like olive, coconut, and palm oils in her soaps to moisturize your skin as well as essential oils which contain therapeutic properties. Catch Jael at the market this season to smell more than ten different natural combinations!


Artisan Tasty Bites will be at the market for the first time this year! They’re bringing all the goods from the Caribbean Breeze Frozen foods company in Pemberton, NJ. The full line of stuffed Caribbean specialties can be found on their website, but their menu features items like spicy beef Jamaican patties, Cuban chicken croquettes, and Chicken in Green Sauce Tamales. Tasty Bites uses custom equipment to recreate the recipes passed down from generations of great home cooks. The combination of authentic heritage and modern equipment will transport your taste buds to the Caribbean. Tasty Bites is a must-try this summer!


Jersey Girl Cheese

Jersey Girl Cheese is coming to West Milford! We’re so excited to try their homemade, Italian style cheeses from Jersey cows residing at Hillcrest Orchard & Dairy Farm in Branchville. Jersey Girl offers fresh and aged cheeses including fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta and Burrata. They age cheese from a few weeks to a few months which results in a wide variety of cheeses including Scarmorza, Toma, and Caciocavallo. Jersey Girl uses their expertise to create cheese plates and platters showcasing the wide variety and flavor of their specialty cheeses. Try some cheese at the market this week!


2019 New Vendor: Smart Soap & Candle Company! Hana’s goal is to create all natural products that leave your skin feeling great and your house smelling wonderful. All her products are preservative free and vegan, free of palm-oil, phthalate, and sulfate. All soaps and candles are handmade in small batches with organic oils and scented with essential oils. Her candles are made in reusable glass jars with lead free wicks. Hana will be with us every other week from now until the end of season!


We'd like to welcome Kraken Kofe! A local favorite, this coffee shop is located in West Milford, but they source their inspiration from around the world. Coffees from Central and South America blend with beans from Africa and beyond are enhance in-house by a creative roasting process. Each blend of coffee tells a specific story and is something only to be found at the Kraken Kofe house. They're bringing samples and bags of coffee, because we know you're going to want to take some home! Visit their booth this week from 3-6pm!